Ira is a cinematic adventure game spanning 3 acts. Act 1: Pilgrimage takes place in an alternate 1930’s America where an early technological revolution has pushed humankind to the red sands of the Martian surface, and picks up just as their next great push into the beyond is about to begin. Regardless of these advances, a global depression rages on. You play from the perspectives of the people who live and die in this world, from lowly Martian miners, to the people pulling the strings. Follow Ira on a journey that spans the void of space and time itself.


Ira came from humble beginnings, from 3 people working in a studio, above a garage, in the middle of nowhere Michigan. Ira’s first Kickstarter was not a success, but Ira gained loyal followers. In 2016 a second attempt was successful, due in part to an early development demo that was popular on game jolt, and with let's players; over its lifetime garnering millions of views, and 1000’s of downloads / playthroughs. Ira has steadily gained converts along the way, and has grown into a serious indie game endeavor.


  • Explore a rich, lore based narrative across three acts in an alternate 1930's space faring America. Play from unique character perspectives; from lowly miners of the Martian surface to corporate fat cats enjoying the view from on high.
  • Follow a story spanning across space and time, from Earth to the far off and mysterious Lithic System, years into the future.
  • Interactive storytelling using a custom dialogue, and icon system. This system is used for engaging with the world and its characters, in order to come to an understanding about reality.
  • Atmospheric visuals immerse the player in the world of Ira.
  • Hauntingly beautiful soundscapes set the tone for player experiences.



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About Ore

Ore Creative LLC is a Chicago based game company currently developing 2 games, Ira Act 1: Pilgrimage, and a VR adventure game. Ore is a 3rd party developer for Valve, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Ore got their start in games by creating Half Life 2, and Counter Strike modifications for the Source engine.


Zach Downer

  • Founder, 3D/2D Artist, BP Programer, Co-Writer
  • Contact:
  • Twitter


Nick Born

  • Co-Founder, BP Programmer, Writer, 3D Artist







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Based in Chicago, Illinois


Release date:

Late 2017



PC, Mac, and Linux

Nintendo Switch


Xbox One




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